tech trends 2022

Tech Trends 2022

2022 has the potential to become everything that 2020 and 2021 failed to live to be. Although yes, we’ve seen achievements within the previous two years, Covid-19 consistently interrupted and delayed progress within certain fields. 

Here are our 2022 tech trends predictions. 


First let’s look at how we adapted to the pandemic, in particular digitalisation. Businesses are forced to adopt an online approach to remain operational and successful. In 2022 it’s unlikely that’ll we’ll see any big change regarding people working from home. This is because remote working remains popular, with employees now demanding and actively seeking job roles that support it. Businesses themselves were also forced to adopt digital means in terms of meeting their consumer’s needs. Therefore, changing existing procedures and processes, and having to adapt the way in which they market themselves.

So, in 2022 we will see more businesses digitally optimising themselves in terms of performance and costs, but with improved collaboration, tighter security, and stricter data governance.


The metaverse is an emerging concept where you can interact, converse, and hang out with people within a virtual reality. Facebook’s parent company, Meta is planning to become a leader of this new space; however other tech giants are also expected to jump on the idea. People are expecting that 2022 will be the year companies race to both enter and establish a solid foundation within the metaverse.

Arguably, the reason for this rush is because it’s comparable to the birth of the internet, meaning this emerging market holds great promise for companies. In terms of how this will affect us, it’ll most likely start with our jobs. Training and meetings through a virtual reality setting, offering a heightened and more detailed level of interaction. However, the metaverse is still extremely new, there will be plenty of changes along the way of what is to come.

Fixing your own devices

Another big tech trend that will start to pick up speed in 2022, is fixing your own devices.

Thankfully, tech giants such as Apple will be making it more accessible for consumers to repair their own devices, helping to pave the way for other companies. Shortly after Apple’s announcement, Microsoft announced that consumers now have the option to repair certain devices themselves by the end of 2022. Although it won’t happen overnight, slowly but surely more companies will adopt these practices and devices will become repairable by the end-user. This will help to lengthen the lifespan our technology has. Therefore, helping to boost sustainability and reduce the amount of e-waste we generate.

Cloud computing

The cloud computing market will grow even larger, reaching a total value of over $173 billion. 92% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy. Meaning that most businesses are already reliant on cloud-based services. It will become more expected of companies to integrate their data across different environments. Especially post-pandemic where workers are having to work remotely.

In line with cloud computing, the microservices market in 2026 will reach a value of $2701 million, with the year 2022 having a notable rise in the use of microservices.

Tech industry perception

A lot of studies have shown that we regard the tech industry to be one of the most untrustworthy. Our trust is currently at an all-time low due to personal data, job loss, and hacker concerns. Therefore, large tech companies are attempting to rebuild this loss of trust by becoming more transparent with their users.

Tech trends expected in 2022

Overall, 2022 will be a year within which the world will start to significantly recover and learn to live with Covid-19. The tech industry should start to see significant progression once again as big corporate entities strive to recover lost time.